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Fall 2011 - Headlines


It's almost the holidays. I'm seeing Christmas commercials on TV but I haven't even had time to figure out what I'll be making for the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving next week. Being busy is most often good news, however, and the fruits of our labors are coming to bear. BioBM has co-developed a life science software marketing platform that's nearing launch and we also have a new report on life science distribution for you. We're giving out the report for free. Details below.

From all of us at BioBM, we wish you all a great holiday season! Of course, if you would like our help in planning for 2012 (and beyond), feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail.

This issue's headlines:

  • New Report: 2011 Life Science Manufacturer-Distributor Relationship Report
  • LifeSciSoft - A new marketing platform for life science software developers

Life Science Distribution Report


Distribution is critical to the success of many life science tools manufacturers. BioBM Consulting surveyed 47 manufacturers and 35 distributors of life science tools in order to gauge current opinions on life science distribution relationships. Key questions we set out to answer include:
• What are the most important factors in the success of manufacturer-distributor relationships?
• How do life science manufacturers and distributors view each other?
• How can life science distribution relationships be improved?
• What are common reasons for failure in life science distribution partnerships?
The results of this survey, which was performed in October 2011, provides independent insights into those questions from a wide range of industry participants and also presents some suggestions on how to improve distribution partnerships. Request a copy or preview the document (pdf).

LifeSciSoft - Life Science Software Marketing

Header LifeSciPR - Life Science Press Releases

BioBM has co-developed LifeSciSoft, an online directory and marketing platform for life science software. LifeSciSoft is the largest, most comprehensive, and most up-to-date directory of software for life science research. LifeSciSoft was founded in response to under-utilization and general lack of awareness among life scientists of the various software tools that are available to help them in their research. LifeSciSoft acts as a singular place where they can find information, but also provides a free platform for life science software developers to exhibit their products.

If you are a developer of life science software and would like more information on having your software listed on LifeSciSoft, call or e-mail BioBM.

Are Managed Operations Right for
Your Company?


If your company is looking to enter the North American market, or is looking to strengthen its presence in North America, it likely faces a tough conundrum. You may try to expand through distribution, and be faced with trying to motivate a company and salespeople who are not your own to sell your products. Alternatively, you may want to open your own office, but doing so involves huge monetary commitments. If you are looking for a solution to that conundrum, then managed operations from BioBM Consulting may be right for you.

Through BioBM, you can have your own U.S. operations (inside sales, technical support, fulfillment, billing, marketing, etc.), operating under your own brand and completely under your control, but without the up-front costs or large commitments of starting your own operations and without your products becoming one of many in a distributor's catalog. Our pricing is results-driven and often saves clients over 50% of the cost of opening their own operations. Want to learn more? E-mail us at

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