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Spring 2013 - Headlines


A lot of what we're hearing form small life science companies these days is: "our customers love us, but not enough scientists know we exist." For many small companies, awareness certainly is a problem. We shouldn't obsess about awareness, as eyeballs do not necessarily equate to dollars, but generating awareness is a crucial component of any demand-generation campaign. If you're looking to drive more awareness, then we have some great stuff for you in this edition of the BioBM Quarterly newsletter:

  • Want more organic inbound traffic? We have a new paper discussing what every life science marketer should know about SEO (with some great bonus content.)
  • Looking to expand your international sales and marketing capabilities? Get access to over 1900 global life science distributors!
  • Free SEO! In celebration of our new paper on SEO, we're giving away a free, no-strings-attached SEO analysis. This will come complete with step-by-step instructions on how to improve your site's SEO, and without any sales pitches (we promise!)
  • Want to improve the effectiveness of your marketing across any channel? Consider standardizing and documenting your brand.

What Every Marketer Should Know About SEO

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BioBM's latest paper, "9 Things Every Life Science Marketer Should Know About SEO … and How Smaller Companies Can Achieve Big Search Engine Ranks," is a no-nonsense primer discussing the most important things that every life science marketer should know about SEO. This paper will empower any life science marketer with the necessary knowledge to readily improve search engine rankings through optimized web content, as well as understand when SEO should or shouldn't be a consideration. As bonus content, we briefly discuss the game-changing SEO tactic that smaller or younger companies can use to compete with the big guys and achieve breakthrough SEO results.

As with all our papers, "9 Things Every Life Science Marketer Should Know About SEO" is freely available to every individual in the life science tools & services industry. To preview the paper or request your copy, please visit:

Distributors! Lots of Distributors! Anywhere!


BioBM's proprietary, manually curated Distributor Directory has grown to include over 1900 global life science distributors. Every distributor is sorted by the attributes most important to manufacturers, including as geography, scientific specialty, and more. No matter where you're looking or what you're selling, our distributor directory can help you grow your distribution network far more effectively and rapidly than an in-house search.

To learn more about how your company can leverage the BioBM Distributor Directory to improve your international sales and marketing, send us an email, or call us at +1 313-312-4626.

Free SEO - No Strings Attached!


Want to know not only how your SEO could be improved, but how to actually do it? In celebration of our new paper, "9 Things Every Life Science Marketer Should Know About SEO," we're giving away a free SEO analysis that includes actionable details on what you can do (in-house) to improve your site's search engine rankings along with one hour of "ask us anything" Q&A. To enter, and for contest rules, visit our website.

Standardize and Document Your Brand


One of the keys to effective branding is consistency. But not only must you be consistent, you need to ensure that your messages are effective and the impression you create is the right one for your company. After all, it does no good to be consistent if you're consistently sending the wrong message. By aligning your most important brand elements with market opportunities and customer needs, then cementing those brand elements through defined written, visual, and emotional branding, you'll be able to send a more powerful and memorable message, regardless of the channel or context.

Learn more about Life Science Branding from BioBM

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