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Winter 2014 - Headlines


2014 is off to one heck of a start! We have a lot of goodies for you this quarter...

  • BioBM Nexus allows you to very inexpensively find targeted distributors for your products in any global market.
  • Information overload is becoming a limiting factor for many life science purchasing decisions. Our new report shares how to use this to your advantage to shape your markets.
  • LifeSciPR is still free! Target the scientific media with your company's news!
  • We show you how to get the most from your marketing dollar.

Find Targeted Distribution - Fast and Cheap


How would you like access to over 2300 distributors of life science tools, separated by product specialization and more? Well now you have it. The BioBM Nexus Distributor Directory allows you to find targeted distributors in your geographies of interest very quickly and very inexpensively - just $25 per listing. Next time you're performing a distributor search, don't just settle for "good enough." Use Nexus to both save time and ensure that you can vet all the relevant options. The difference between an excellent distributor and a just satisfactory one is well worth the small investment.

LifeSciPR - Life Science Press Releases

Fundamental Changes in Scientists' Buying Journeys ... and Using Them to Shape Markets


The way in which purchasing decisions are being made in the life sciences is being fundamentally and irreversibly changed by an overwhelming and ever-increasing amount of choices and information. This is leading to an increase in decision paralysis and decreasing satisfaction with the ultimate selection. Only a miniscule fraction of life science companies have done anything to address the problem, and most are actually making the problem worse. However, there is a powerful solution that allows companies to not only combat decision paralysis, but in doing so create disruptive market advantages and build powerful brand resources.

In BioBM's latest report, we discuss decision engines – tools which are designed to streamline and simplify decisions by allowing a user to effectively select from a wide number of options as easily as they would select from a handful. Vastly more effective than common directories, decision engines encompass a large amount of the buying journey within their functionality, allowing them to shape markets.

"How Decision Engines Will Reshape the Life Science Buying Journey" shows how decision engines are already creating disruptive change in other industries, explains when decision engines are useful and their conditions for success, outlines the process of designing decision engines, and highlights some example opportunities for decision engines to be deployed within the life science tools and services sector. Request your copy on our reports page or preview the document here.

Free PR Distribution for a Limited Time


LifeSciPR - Life Science Press ReleasesWe're still allowing free releases to LifeSciPR - the press release distribution service which specifically targets life science media outlets. We're still growing the distribution list as well! Sign up and post your releases to get a reward once we close the free beta.

Are You Wasting Your Marketing Dollars?


Advertising, conferences, social media... Companies spend so much on disseminating their messages, but often spend so little on making sure those messages are the most effective ones. Imagine if your messages were just 10% more effective at generating leads or closing opportunities. How much would that be worth?

Ensure that you're not leaving money on the table in your communications. Contact BioBM and we'll help you to develop highly effective messages - rooted in positioning, brand, and customer sentiment - which will get you more bang for your marketing buck.

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