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Spring 2014 - Headlines


If you were in Boston without a calendar, you might not be able to guess what season it is! Erratic weather or not, the BioBM Quarterly is here to give you your dose of life science marketing!

  • BioBM has a number of free market research resources to help you in understanding your markets.
  • Looking to overcome entrenched competition? Our new paper tells you how to use superior customer experiences to drive customer acquisition and retention.
  • Use powerful messaging to captivate your audience. BioBM can help.

Free Market Research Resources


We do enough market research here at BioBM to know that it can be a hassle. It requires a lot of thought and planning, and can be extremely time consuming. We want to help change that and make market research a little bit easier, so we've compiled two different market research resources for you.

The first is a list of publicly available market size data. We found market size estimates from 95 (and counting!) recent studies which published their estimates publicly, and put them into a searchable and sortable table. If you're looking to size your market and you don't mind taking a top-down approach, this is a great place to start.

The second is a compilation of all the Lab Manager Magazine product surveys. If you're a manufacturer of laboratory or analytical equipment, it's quite possible that Lab Manager has already surveyed your market for customer preferences. Why reinvent the wheel if Lab Manager has the data you need?

If you think of anything other resources which might be useful to you, feel free to make suggestions! We're actively trying to create as many valuable resources as possible. Don't forget to check out LifeSciPR for your press releases or the Nexus Distributor Directory to find distributors.

Beating Competition with Superior Experiences


Entrenched competition can be dug out.

Beyond developing superior products, which is largely outside the scope of the marketer, there is one area where newcomers have a potentially sizable advantage over larger, established competition: customer experience. Through the provision of superior customer experiences, market entrants can build brand value at a superior rate to established companies, skewing the odds in their favor by realizing higher rates of customer acquisition and retention.

The new paper from BioBM, entitled "Superior Experiences – How Small Life Science Companies Can Out-Compete Large, Established Competition," discusses how to create and execute strategies that focus on customer experience so YOU can create superior value for your brand and outpace your competition as well.

You can preview the document or request a copy here:

Captivate Your Audience


Captivating your audience should be priority #1 for high-level marketing communications. Before you get into the details of whatever it is you want to say, you need to make sure that you have the audience’s attention, will maintain it for as long as possible, and that they’re in a mind frame that’s most conducive to a positive outcome. Unfortunately, very few life science brands actually do so.

Doing so requires doing three things - two logical and one creative. First, you need to present your brand message as a reason - something which tells the audience "why" you're doing what you're doing. Second, you need to frame in in a manner which the audience can agree with. Third, you need to make it emotionally compelling.

This may sound easy, but most life science companies fail miserably at the creation of compelling brand messaging. That's why you should entrust the creation (or renovation) of your brand messaging to the experts. Call BioBM and we'll help ensure you captivate your audiences and get them in a mind frame which is conducive to a positive outcome for your company.

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