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Summer 2014 - Headlines


The second Annual Meeting of the Association of Commercial Professionals in the Life Sciences is coming up in just two months, and we would like to dedicate this newsletter to helping them promote it! We also have a special discount for you - more info in the section below.

  • Come to the Second Annual ACP-LS meeting! The meeting will be held September 18th and 19th in Quincy, MA, and we have a discount for you below.
  • Carlton Hoyt will be leading a breakout session on Superior User Experience at the ACP-LS meeting.
  • Create strategic brand advantage for your company by developing valuable, non-product resources for your customers. Ask us how.

Come to the ACP-LS Annual Meeting!


The ACP-LS annual meeting is the only time of the year when you can surround yourself with the best minds in marketing and sales of life science tools and services! It will be held on Thursday, September 18th and Friday, September 19th at the Boston Marriott Quincy in Quincy, Massachusetts.

The annual meeting registration includes a one-year membership and normally costs $1000, but as a "Friend of BioBM" your registration and membership costs only $750! Just use this link.

Want to see the meeting agenda before deciding? You can find it here.

Discuss Customer Experience with Carlton
at the ACP-LS Annual Meeting


Your brand is what your customers think it is. Everything else about your brand is simply a method of trying to influence customer perception. However, nothing influences customer perception of a brand more than the actual experiences they have with it. Despite this, customer experience is an issue that’s underemphasized at almost all companies within the life science tools and services sector. Most marketing efforts cease at the product with the customer is considered in the context of the product rather than vice versa.

Companies are losing out on a great deal of potential brand value, and in turn, the ability to influence customers’ perceptions and brand preferences - things which have very real effects on your bottom line.

BioBM Principal Consultant Carlton Hoyt will be hosting one of the breakout sessions which will wrap up the ACP-LS Annual Meeting on the afternoon of the 19th. Come pick his brain, learn and discuss why brand value is so crucial to the long-term success of a brand, how to find opportunities to create branded experiences, and how to ensure experiences are aligned with the brand’s positioning.

Providing Great Customer Experiences
Outside the Buying Journey


Let’s say you’re going up against a highly entrenched incumbent. Most customers won’t even giving you a chance. Your brand isn’t even a thought.  Maybe people know who you are, but when it comes time to make a purchasing decision, someone else gets all the mindspace. The purchasing decision isn’t so much a conscious decision as it is an action. What can you do?

You could dump hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of dollars into “awareness” campaigns; hope that people will start associating you with those products enough to remember you when it comes time to make a purchase. But are awareness campaigns really effective?  Who remembers the banner ad they saw on the side of GenomeWeb a few weeks ago? Who remembers that ad from the inside cover of Nature?

That customer preference for Sigma is a brand advantage. Why does it have that? Because it has provided sufficiently positive experiences for its customers. Therefore, for you to overcome that, you need to provide positive experiences for the customers that chip away at their comparative brand advantage without requiring a purchase.

BioBM has strong experience with developing non-product resources which provide value to customers, build brand value for clients, and ultimately drive sales growth. Even if your brand is currently strong, we can help you solidify your brand leadership by creating and providing customer resources. Want to learn more? Call or email us.

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