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Fall 2014 - Headlines


Best practices are nice, and they're comfortable, and they're easy to follow, but the best companies (and the best marketing organizations) don't follow. They innnovate.

We're always looking for ways to deliver more value to the life science marketing community. That's why we developed another resource for you (see below). At a time when a lot of us are planning for 2015, we also want to challenge you to do things differently.

  • Our latest resource helps you more effectively target your desired audiences.
  • For all those planning for 2015, a challenge to lead by innovation.

Ever wish your targeting was better? Well...


BioBM's latest resource for life science marketers is a list of highly targeted advertising channels. And by "highly targeted" I mean "you get to specify your own targeting." No matter how you need to segment your market in order to reach your target audience, these companies provide opportunities to help you do so.

Check out the list, and definitely let us know if you think there should be others included.

Have an idea for a resource you'd like to see us develop? Let us know!

Planning for 2015? Challenge yourself.


It's Q4, and for many of us that means planning for next year. Challenge yourself to out-innovate your competition. After all, innovation isn't just for your product development teams. Value isn't something that's only delivered through experiencing a product or service. Look to the future, be customer-centric, and get creative.

Want some inspiration? Here's a few challenges you could seek to tackle in 2015:

  • Wean yourself off of interruption tactics. (They won't be around forever...)
  • Find a problem that your customers are having and solve it for them - without having to sell them anything.
  • Grow an audience. Be engaging with X% of your target market on an ongoing basis and in a meaningful way.
  • Experiment. Do something wildly different. Plan a marketing effort that doesn't just communicate differentiation, but is differentiated in itself.

Best practices aren't going to beat the competition. Doing the same things as your competitors doesn't help dominate markets. Your products and services rely on innovation to win. Whether you realize it or not, your marekting does as well.

If you need inspiration, get in touch. We love a good challenge.

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Don't just benefit from our knowledge occasionally. Benefit from the collective knowledge of over 1100 people continuously. Join us for the latest marketing insights from a number of sources shared many times every week.

For instance, did you know that a study showed that heavily targeting KOLs isn't be the best route to product adoption? You won't believe what market they used in their study, but you can find out in the group! Check it out.

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