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Winter 2015 - Headlines


We're celebrating another season with yet another new resource for marketers! We plan on continuing to develop new resources for life science marketers, so if you feel there's something that would make your life easier - let us know! We might just build it.

  • For those positioning a product, service, or brand, we've created a template for performing attribute analyses and easily determining competitors' positions.
  • Check out our comprehensive guide to understanding why you win or lose business.
  • We're finally taking our own advice...

Positioning got you down? We make it easy!


Positioning is the foundation for a great many of your marketing efforts and is critical to your success. Proper positioning requires an understanding of three things: your own product / service / brand, competitors, and customer preferences.

Knowing your own product is easy, so there are really only two hard steps. With our attribute analysis template, now there's only one hard step.

Performing an attribute analysis can seem daunting if you’ve never done it before, but we’re providing a template (in MS Excel) along with detailed instructions on how to use the template in order to perform an attribute analysis. Even if you’re an attribute analysis veteran, this template will save you tons of time and help automate data compilation, presentation, and analysis.

The template and instruction manual can be requested on our website.

Want to Increase Sales Win Rate by 50%?


That's how much a recent Gartner study found win / loss analysis can increase your sales win rates.

But it's not that simple... Win / Loss analysis is very easy to do poorly or incorrectly, and most companies that believe they are effectively performing win / loss analysis actually aren't. Simply asking customers why they chose you or a competitor isn't sufficient to see these kind of sales improvement rates. It takes a documented, concerted effort ... and a knowledge of exactly what to do in the first place.

Knowledge, however, is something we're fortunate enough to have a surplus of. We've shared our knowledge of win / loss analysis in this complehensive guide. Done right, it will help you improve your marketing and sales.

We're finally taking our own advice...


The good old BioBM website has served us well these past 5 years, and it's somewhat of a nostalgic topic for us since our website has gone largely unchanged since BioBM itself was launched back in 2010. But things move on. They improve. People innovate.

We've shared a lot of knoweldge over the past 5 years - from our littany of marketing resources to the 200+ blog posts - not to mention all the curated content through our LinkedIn group. We've been increasingly aware that we haven't been following our own advice. That's all about to change, however, and you'll stand to benefit from it.

Within the next 6 months, we'll be relaunching as a wholly new experience for life science marketers. It will be redesigned so YOU - our audience - can derive more value from it, and do so more easily and quickly than ever. We're revamping it into a true resource for life science marketers.

We hope you'll continue to engage with us as we seek to provide you with more content and resources to take your marketing to exemplary heights. So keep in touch - we have a lot of exciting things in the works.

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