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Fall 2015 - Headlines


We have some BIG news this quarter!

  • Our survey on conference ROI had some incredible results, and we have the completed report for you.
  • We launched a completely new - one that focuses on providing more value to you...
  • ... visit our Resource Center to see some of the changes!

Scientific Conferences Survey Report


Hyper-niche segments of customers are becoming ever more readily reachable. There are an incredible amount of channels and tools at our disposal to reach any particular target audience. Meanwhile, the costs of conference exhibition are huge and continue to increase. Studies have shown, however, that marketers continue to view them as highly effective mechanisms for generating leads and creating awareness.

In the age of hyper-targeted digital marketing, are conference exhibitions still worthwhile? Are we over-investing in them at the expense of higher-ROI opportunities? Or perhaps they’re so effective that we almost can’t spend enough. With input from over 50 life science marketing professionals, these are the questions this study answers.

... and wow, is the answer clear.

Preview or download the report at the new

Visit the New & Resource Center!


For those of you who haven't yet seen it, has been completely redesigned and redeveloped from the ground up. While we're not the types to make a big deal out of a website release (it's kind of braggadocious) we are the types who want to provide you with as much value as possible, and this website does exactly that.

It all revolves around our new Resource Center where you'll find all the tools, content, and information that will help you become better at marketing and distribution. All of it has a convenient 2-dimensional navigation - you can browse by category or by the type of content you're looking for. We've improved our site search a bit as well to compliment our improved navigational experience. I strongly encourage you to take a moment and check it out. It's our sincere hope that it'll help you on your quest to being the best life science marketer you can be!

So What's Next?


We have our hands full with client work, but that's not going to stop us from trying to provide more value to the life science marketing community! We have a number of things in the works...

  • We're partnering with Facten on our next report, which will dive deep into product usage data to uncover patterns of product adoption in the life science field.
  • We're not really happy with LifeSciPR as it is, so we're going to refresh it and will be unveiling a massive expansion in PR distribution from it. Fun fact: it will still be free.
  • We have two completely new, top-notch resources in the works that we can't announce yet but I know you'll be very excited about them. Stay tuned...

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